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One year in Bahrain

Posted by on 1 décembre 2011

WTC by night

This article is for all non-french speaking people.

My name is Maxime and i’m in Bahrain until June 2012 with Gilles. We are both students in fourth year at EPITECH in France, an Information Technology school from IONIS Group, which Ahlia is in partnership with. Both of us are coming from Alsace, a region in the north east of France, next to Germany and Belgium.
EPITECH has partnerships with several university all over the world (Bahrain, China, Korea, UK, USA, South Africa, Sweden, Spain, Australia, Germany, …), and every fourth year student has to go abroad for one year. We choosed Bahrain because we wanted to see the gulf and the arabic culture, enjoy the sun benefits and discover a new way of life.
We are students in Engineering courses, one finance course and an arabic course. After our year here we will have one more year in Paris to complete our master in Information Technology.
I made this blog to talk about my year in Bahrain, to share my experience, to give news to friends/family and to answer some questions for student coming next year in Ahlia. The articles are about the university, the country, the cost of life and some events we went to see.
We are here since 3 month only and we do really like the life here, everything is very different from France and we hope discovering more things during our trip.
I love making pictures, you can see them by clicking on the « Galeries » Link in the top-right corner.
Feel free to talk with us in Ahlia or by email, i’m not fluent in Arabic yet but i hope to learn as much as possible.

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